Why You Can’t Plug & Play a Computer

Today a friend asked me for help with her new notebook-tablet-combination (aka hybrid). She bought that thing yesterday and some Windows Recovery disk problem caused her 64GB of SSD storage to fill up to its limit. While trying to help her, she asked me (paraphrased) why one can’t just buy a PC, plug it in, fire it up and get rolling. While I tried to answer her, I soon realized I can’t really give her an answer. I’ll try to do that here. Continue reading

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Why I Started Using GitHub and How I Work with Git

I’ve been programming for about five years now and in the last few years the terms VCS, Git, Subversion and GitHub popped up more and more often. At one time, I realized that my local backups were nice, but I needed something to manage code and not files with. But, although I’ve by now made an account at many of the rather big VCS hosters, I never really sticked with one as it was all too complicated and I did not really knew what I was doing anyway. However, from the beginning on, I kinda liked GitHub mostly because of its design (I often choose apps based on their design) and it was the one which I saw in action most. Continue reading